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How can I arrange to see someone for help with my devices?
Last Updated 3 years ago

The IT Service Desk has two components: 

One is online (you're in it!), which is for students and staff alike, to help with the day-to-day running of academic utilities. Start by clicking Knowledge Base at the top of this page


which will take you to the landing page, where you can explore the help topics via a number of short articles designed to help with common issues. If you have a specific question for us, Open a New Ticket, select the best-fit issue from the list of Help Topics and fill in the required information which is requested by the form which appears.

Secondly, there is a physical desk which you can book an appointment at situated at the ITRC, accessible from the main walkway, head down the stairs towards the Library basement entrance, and you'll see signs to it. Appointments must be booked in advance, since we often have user support jobs which require us to be elsewhere in College, we cannot guarantee a drop-in service at any point in the day, so please use the Ticket system to make contact with us. 

The vast majority of issues last year (during COVID restrictions) were resolved without a physical meeting taking place. We expect this to be the same this year but, as with all other areas, precautions remain in place for everyone's safety, and are under constant review.

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